COVID-19 Delays and Information

Buenas yan Hafa Adai!

We hope and pray that everyone is safe and well. We wanted to update you here about delays that are starting to occur due to COVID-19. As you know, this is a global pandemic that is starting to show it's total effect on world. As it pertains to Island Life and its operations, COVID-19 has resulted in significant delays in either production or shipping or both.

Update May 16, 2020 from our Factory

Express couriers are now experiencing intensified demand as eCommerce sales continue to grow putting additional pressure on reduced air freight capacity.

Due to the increased demand, express couriers like DHL Express and FedEx have increased their pricing twice since April 27th and cut available capacity for our express items to less than 100 items per day. They have also removed their guaranteed delivery times due to the pile-ups in their warehouses.

Please know that our production is running on-time with all our products and due to the crisis it can take items 45+ days to depart China and arrive in the destination country. You can check the tracking information, but we can't make the package move faster once it's been handed to the courier. We want the package to move faster just as as much as you do but we all have to be patient with the current situation.

Here's a great resource to better help you understand the air freight crisis occurring in China:

This is an extremely volatile environment that is forcing us to adapt to new conditions every day as the shipping situation evolves. Our goal is to get your items delivered as fast as possible with minimal delays which is exceptionally challenging at the moment. Thank you for your continued patience.

Face Masks

As it pertains to face masks, our production time remains the same as our partner facilities are currently working overtime to meet the demands of our orders. There are no delays in production.

Regarding shipping, we have just heard back from our facility that the face masks can no longer be shipped via Express. Because of this new and ever-changing climate of the face mask industry overseas, the Chinese Government is constantly adjusting and changing policies every few days regarding their shipment. As a result, the face masks cannot be shipped via express unless there is a minimum of 100pcs and legal documentation, which takes even longer. So the face masks will be shipped via standard shipping. The updated production and shipment times have been placed on all face mask product pages.

All Shipments from Overseas

Please be advised that there are currently worldwide delays in shipping due to the reduced flights and reduced postal workforce in the receiving country like the US.

Because of the delays with standard shipping, we highly recommend upgrading to express shipping when possible. Otherwise, please be advised that the shipping times may be slightly longer than specified.

All Production in the US

Because of the safety distance protocols in place in the US, our partner facilities are experiencing some delays in production as they continue to work with a reduced workforce but with an increase in demand similar to Black Friday.


Please rest assured that everyone is doing everything they can to ensure that orders are processed as quickly as possible and that they are shipped as quickly as possible.

Thank you so much for your continued patience and understanding. We appreciate every one of you.

Be blessed and stay safe!