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Hafa Adai Plumeria Guam CNMI Lanyard - Ready to Ship

Hafa Adai Plumeria Guam CNMI Lanyard - Ready to Ship

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New product! Our new Guam lanyards are the perfect accessory for any islander. These functional lanyards are great for keys, ID's, badges or even your face masks. Just clip them on with our high quality, powder coated black clips. They can be worn around your neck, hanging from your shoulder, or wrapped around your wrist. They're a great way to not lose your keys.

This design features the text, "Hafa Adai" with pink plumeria flowers and monstera leaves. Show off your culture wherever you go.

*Limited quantity available.


  • Size: 17" in length
  • High quality print that won't peal
  • Comfortable, smooth material that doesn't suck to wear
  • Power coated black clips


These are ready to ship!

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We take the time to design products just for you. Our memories of being born and raised on Guam inspires our classic and modern designs. We just love all tropical design styles, from colorful and playful to clean and modern. Hope you love it too!  🫶